About us 

Rational Point is a consulting and technology integrator firm, focused on eGovernment, Security -Cyber Security and Public Safety. We design ad hoc, innovative solutions for governments and corporations by integrating robust state-of-the-art technology in a pragmatic and easy to use way

Rational Point works with governments and corporations helping them to efficiently manage their resources, secure their assets, expand their reach, grow their business in order to achieve their short and long term goals.

Our business model leverages on local partners, who have the ability to execute projects and provide maintenance and service to our customers. Local partner have the training, support and strategic guidance required to execute and support our projects and keep customers happy. 

Lead by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, Rational Point keeps its original focus with passion and creativity. Today, we can proudly say that we have deep knowledge and robust solutions in such diverse areas such as National Security, Public Safety, Security and Cyber Security.

Meet the Executive Team 

Fabio M. Alvino

- Chief Executive Officer -

Business strategist with +25 years in the Communication & Security Technology industry. Rational Point founder, has led successful multimillion dollar projects for governments and corporations around the world. . . .

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Darren Solanki

- Chief Digital Officer -

Darren Solanki brings 17 years of strategic experience and tactical support within the IT industry, having worked internationally and stateside. . . .


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Walter A Cebrian

- Special Project Director -

Former Navy officer. Graduated in 1980 in Naval Sciences, electronic specialty at the Naval Academy. He served as Head of the Department of Telecommunication and Electronic Warfare. In 1983 he became a helicopter pilot . . .

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Dan Sharvit

- Head of Cyber Security Services and Cybia founder/President -

Globally recognized cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in securing a diverse array of companies . . .

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Dr. Eyal Pinko O7

- CDR (retired) -

Eyal Pinko (Navy Commander, retired) served in the Israeli navy for 23 years. During those operational, technological, and intelligence duties . . .

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Eladio M. Paez

- Police Specialist -

Eladio M. Paez, is a highly decorated Police Specialist, with over 35 years of experience in administering and leading civilian security and law enforcement personnel. . .

Ingo Viehweg

- Special Project Director -

Ingo is a highly experienced international businessman with a multicultural background and expertise. 25 years experience as integrator of engineering and equipment solutions for a great variety of industries. Ingo is an active representative and consultant for leading logistic and packaging solution.

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Hernan Pollarolo

- Argentina – Partner -

Hernan is a restless entrepreneur with an excellent network, focused on business, technologies and government solutions. His vast experience in sales and new business development has helped him put together an impressive team in Argentina. He has worked for companies such as CTI Movil, Samsung, Movicom . . .

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Héctor L. Yrimia

- Argentina – Partner -

Héctor was National Criminal Judge of Instruction 1994-2004, Federal Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor 1993-1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lawyer specialized in Criminal, Maritime, Aeronautical, Space Law, Natural Resources, Security and Financial Technology.  

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Dardo Bosco

- Argentina – Partner -

 Dardo has +30 years in Information Technology & Communications industry, with deep knowledge in business development in the Government and Healthcare markets. He closed several projects to improve themanagement process of governments and health institutions, and also increased the market share of international companies . . .

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Antonio Aguerrevere

- Efficiency Facilities Director -

Over 30 years in managing top of the line institutional and governmental projects and entities dedicated to Design and Construction of Architectural/Engineering development. Delivered every single project without exception on-time and under-budget to entities such as Orange County, City of Orlando, Diocese of Orlando and others . . .

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Marcela Gomez de la Vega

- Legal & Financial Director -

Lawyer with more than 15 years of experience negotiating, structuring, documenting, and managing large international transactions, project financing, mergers and acquisitions, international joint ventures, private equity and investment banking operations. . .

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Our Partners 

Our partners have been key in our success. We work together side by side, committed to our customer’s success and total satisfaction.

We have a powerful partnership with the following brands: