Next Gen SIEM, XDR, SOC as a Service 

The most complete CYBERSECURTY OPERATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE as a SERVICE to monitor your network


Today is almost impossible to find the adequate personnel required to keep corporations and institutions around the World safe from cyber-attacks. There is an intense competition to hire the cybersecurity experts needed to protect their digital assets. The vast majority must content with what they can find, which is generally not what they really need. Not anymore! At Rational Point we have gathered the best cyber security experts from Israel and USA, monitoring our client’s network 24x7x365 from our SOC equipped with the best CyberSecurity Operation Infrastructure available in the market today.  We protect companies and government institutions around the globe with the most effective and cost-efficient CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service) you can find.

Our cloud-based security orchestration and automation system eliminates noise and prioritizes risks to our SOC, with seasoned security analysts working with a wide range of cyber expertise. 

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Key Benefits 

Our SOC analysts manually review all security incidents, automated system notifications are also tracked by our team and check for false positives. 


Receive real-time alerts via emails or text notifications 


Get instant insight into who, who, how, where, and how to strike when an incident occurs to make effective decisions. 

Proactive approach for remediation service includes thorough Risk Assess

In house Vulnerability management systems, which identify zero day and suspicious activities using threat intelligence platforms.

Why is SOCaaS crucial?

In view of the rising threat of cyberattacks, SOC is crucial to an organization's ability to continue operations and achieve compliance with applicable laws but creating an internal SOC can be expensive and time-consuming. 

All the benefits of a dedicated 24/7 SOC are provided by CybrHawk platform based Rational Point  SOC as a Service, but without the astronomical costs, complexity, or hassles of building, staffing, and managing one internally. 

Zero Day Detection 

Zero-Day Atacks prevention and patch management allow us to reduce the exposure window in the first stage of detection. We use CybrHawk platform, which is a major help by integrating all your data sources, including  third-party vendors, you’d see all the movements in one single panel glass of control to help you analyze and remediate quickly. 

Monitor and Receive Alerts in Real-Time 

CybrHawk XDR  Platform allows  you to monitor all your network and data sources in one single console to gain deep visibility by reaching the endpoint, the server, the devices, and all the  data sources of your infrastructure. 

Predict the  Hacker’s Path and Actions! 

Rational Point CybrHawk can not only  provide the deep visibility of your network but predict and follow the path taken by the hacker to prevent any damages to your system. You can also get reports for auditing purposes and analytics 

  Cyber Consulting

Our consulting unit offers a full menu of cyber security professional services, including:

Ofensive Team

  • Ofensive Team 

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing: IOS / Android

  • Web Application Penetration Testing: Black/Grey/White Box

  • Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing: Black/Grey/White Box 

  • Red Team Services

  • Social Engineering

  • Cyber Attack Simulations

  • Hackathons \ CTF

Defensive Team

  • Incident Response

  • Regulatory Compliance and standards

  • Secure design of information systems and architecture

  • Technology and devices configuration reviews

  • Organization Secure Architecture

  • Secure code review

  • SOC Methodology review 

  • Risk Assessment

  • Information security policy and procedures

  • Hardening and defense settings documentation

  • Business Continuity Management. Disaster Recovery Planning & Review 


With an increasingly digital world and surges in cybercrime, there is a huge deficit of cybersecurity professionals. This has become a worldwide problem. Rational Point has built alliances with Cybersecurity Education Institutions in Israel and USA to bring innovative learning methodologies to governments and corporations in the Americas. Contact us to learn more about our remote courses and certifications.