1 January, 2021
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RATIONAL POINT delivers another successful implementation of a new National Security related project in LATAM. After several months of intense work, overcoming COVID-19 travel restrictions and working remotely, we finally delivered the Smart Intel Platform to our client and trained his personnel. We are particularly proud of the deployment because of the complexity of the solution per se and the challenges that the COVID-19 added to this project. Jan 2021 

RATIONAL POINT proudly informs partners and clients that the National Defense Cyber Security Center of an important Latino America country, just approved a service extension to use our digital investigations solution until the end of 2023. 

These are very good news for Rational Point, because they validate the importance and efficiency of our tools for investigation and intelligence specialists. After 1 year of intense use of the BLER TARGET PROFILER solution, the team of analysts we trained in the use of our platform, have been able to identify serious treats and solve sensitive investigation in record time. The Ministry of Defense approved an extension of the contract until the end of 2023. Oct 2020

One step forward the war against crime in on LATAM. Rational Point just finished the implementation of a sophisticated platform that helps investigators to search the Deep Web and Dark Web for illegal activities. The local police has been properly trained and they are already scoring their firsts successes. Nov 2020

“Like everywhere, bad actors and hackers only keep proliferating in the LATAM market and we are commited to doing our part to ensure that the business we work with are data secure,” said Fabio Alvino, CEO, Rational Point. “BitDam is the right fit for us and our clients- an elegant solution that from installation notes malware and keeps businesses safe.  We’re so happy to be part of their geographic move into the LATAM market.”

BitDam ATP utilizes a disruptive attack-agnostic technology to secure business collaboration platforms (email, cloud drives, instant messaging and more) from unknown content-borne threats at first encounter. Delivering unmatched detection rates, BitDam protects from malware, ransomware, phishing, BEC and zero-day attacks, making it safer for organizations to collaborate internally and externally over multiple collaboration platforms. Sep 2020

About Rational Point
Rational Point is a consulting and technology integrator firm, focused on Security - Cyber Security and Public Safety. We design ad hoc, innovative solutions for governments and corporations by integrating robust state-of-the-art technology from different manufacturers, which we complement with strong training and support practices. Our business model leverages on local partners, who have the ability to execute projects and provide maintenance and service to our customers, with our permanent strategic and technical assistance.

Lead by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, Rational Point keeps its original focus with passion and creativity. Today, we can proudly say that our solutions are successfully fighting against crime, in almost every country in LATAM. 
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