No drone fly zone at the Miami Ultra Music Festival
16 April, 2019
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April, 5th, Miami- Last weekend, Miami hosted one of the largest music festivals in the US, gathering an impressive line up of Dj’s in several simultaneous stages. The one single event, that brings more tourists to the city than any other event. The Ultra Music Festival roughly brought in 165,000 people.

The Rational Point Team, with our partners, Vigilant Drone Defense Inc. and Pemica Inc. provided counter-UAV services at Virginia Key Beach to protect the Ultra Music Festival from unauthorized and invasive drones.

During the three days of service, the team was able to intercept a total of sixty-one (61) drones that were attempting to enter the secure airspace above the Festival. All sixty-one (61) drones that were intercepted were visually confirmed intercepts. During our three days of service, no unauthorized drones were able to penetrate the secure airspace protecting the Ultra Music Festival.

Inter-Agency Coordination was paramount for the success of the operation. Several government agencies were involved in the providing security and logistics during the Festival. It was imperative that government agencies were able to conduct their drone operations. We were able to coordinate the protection of the space, while allowing the Miami Firefighter’s Drone and event producer’s drones that needed to enter the airspace, making the event an absolute success.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Detective Sanchez, Lieutenant Gomez, Sergeant Diaz, and all the fine men and women of the Miami Police Department.

Bob Kroutil, from Vigilant Drone Defense said: “We have worked with many law enforcement agencies across the U.S.A. and globally, and I can say without a doubt the Miami Police Department is by far one of the most professional, and hard-working agencies we have ever worked with.”

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